Saturday, 24 November 2012

Citizen Men's BL5250-02L Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watch Review

The Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar features a titanium case and a black dial. The timepiece features a 1/20 second chronograph that measures up to 60 minutes, 12/24 time, dual time, alarm, date indicator, and power saver function. Additional features include an inner calendar, which automatically adjusts to the proper date as well as leap years through the year 2100. Independent hour hand adjustment makes changing time zones simple and precise. The genuine leather strap features attractive white contrast stitching and buckle closure.

Date setting discrepancy
First off, I got the watch a couple days ago. The look, feel, and accuracy are all spot on.

However, it appears that Citizen has changed a few things about the setting of the watch, and NOT changed the documentation. I had to experiment in order to figure out how to set the date, it was nothing like the instructions. In order to change the MODE (time, chrono, alarm, local time) you now have to pull the crown out to the first position, then rotate it. This means that the first position can no longer be used to set the date! (like the instructions say) Now, in TIME mode, with the crown pulled out to position two (where the time is set) the "A" button toggles between all of the time AND date settings (the selected hand does a little dance to let you know it's selected), and twisting the crown adjusts it.

Personally I LOVE this change (once I figured out how to set it). Other reviewers had complained about inadvertently changing the mode when pulling their hand out of a pocket, etc. Now, clicking the crown in the zero position does NOTHING. Which is how it should be. It looks like Citizen listened to user feedback, which speaks miles about them. They now need to update their documentation to match.

Great watch, we'll see how it does with more time on the wrist, but I wanted to let everyone know about my findings ASAP!

Excellent watch at a surprising price
I'll try to make this review as objective as I can;However this watch impresses me though I am not easily impressed.
It has a lot of functionality packed into it (but let's be honest, no one with a smart phone needs an alarm or a chronograph) it's just a nostalgic matter of ornament for most people.
So, now to the good points about this watch
1.It is very accurate, to the matter of second. I guess its delay factor would be noticeable after a few years
2.It is very light to wear, yet rigid and strong due to the Titanium/stainless steel build
3.It is convenient on many occasions; whether worn as a dress watch, smart casual or pure casual
if you buy a couple of extra bands with this watch, you got yourself an arsenal of watches not just a single watch
4.Being an eco-drive watch make it quite convenient not to worry about batteries again, and it doesn't require much light. A couple of hours in florescent light is more than enough.. when out of light, it stops the seconds arm from moving to save power, yet it is still working and the time is precise again to the seconds level (i.e. when exposed to light again, the seconds arm move to its correct position and continue moving)
5. Its second time zone function is neat and easy set
6. The price is quite amazing for such a feature packed watch

Now to the only issue I had with the watch
The documentation provided by Citizen is coming from another planet, so you'll need sometime to figure out how to set everything..that's if you don't have experience with such watches. But a few Youtube videos will suffice to get you around

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