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Fisher-Price Servin' Surprises Kitchen & Table Review

Tonight's dinner comes with the Chef's compliments, and it can all be served and cleaned up before bedtime thanks to the Fisher-Price Servin Surprises Table. This all-in-one play-set lets your child cook the food in the pretend oven and then serve and ''eat'' right at the same table. The lighted oven is perfect for imaginative cooking play, while the magic tray says a number of fun phrases while it also plays fun songs about cooking, cleaning and sharing. While you can add any play food of your choice, the menu tonight consists of the ever-popular pizza and cookies. All the various pieces can be stored inside the table when dinner is over. Dimensions: 36W x 9D x 15.88H inches. Recommended ages 2-5 years.

Product Features

  • The Fisher-Price Servin' Surprises Kitchen & Table is an interactive play center that brings kitchen and food role-play to life
  • Recognizes every Servin' Surprises food item and responds with appropriate phrases, sound effects and songs
  • Oven slides off and stovetop flips to convert into an activity table
  • Center of table also provides storage for easy clean up
  • Comes with magical serving tray, pizza, cookies and service for 2
A great toy for this year! 
So I received this toy as part of a party. Upon first assembly, the table top was cracked. I don't know if this happened during shipping or during assembly, but received a replacement (again, part of a party). The table is quite sturdy once put together. They really tried to make this table hard to tip over sense it is geared toward the 2-5 crowd. I have it set on the lower setting and my toddler can stand comfortable at it and reach the center. When we had it on the upper setting, it did seem a little more unstable, but not bad. All of the "sets" that go with it are so cute. (again, party. we got all 5 with the table)

Tea set - cute. But most little girls have a tea set. I wouldn't get this one unless you just need one. It had a tea pot that has a stream of tea come out of it (cute) .. extra cups that get put everywhere. Some silverware, and a creamer + sugar container. Also has 4 little treats. The tray that everything goes on was a little difficult to assemble, just because I had to line everything up just right. Honestly, I think the only one who has put this set on the orange tray is me. My almost three year old mixes and matches this set with her Laugh and Learn set. I think it holds her attention better. Personally I'd skip this set

Baby high chair - Now this is cute. It attaches to the table and removes easily. You can put just about any small baby doll in it. The little food tray is cute, and my little one likes to pretend with it. The spoon that comes with it is supposed to "magically" change to which one of the three foods you choose. It's actually difficult for me and my husband to get the slot to match up just right. It has little teeth in each food that turn the spoon. Great idea, but not the greatest implementation. I still recommend this set however, because any little one that loves to play mommy will love this.

Grill set. - This is cute. It has a little ketchup and mustard, tongs, hot dog, bun, and a shishkabob. My three year old does like this set (although she tries to feed the hot dog to the baby doll.) The songs that play are nice too, not to loud or annoying. This one is kind of a toss up. Just depends if your little one is interested in BBQing.

Ice cream set - This set gets played with the most by far. It has 3 cones, about 6 or 8 "ice cream" scoops, 3 toppings, and a scooper in this cute little carousel holding tray. The ice cream has all different flavors. My three year old doesn't quite get the scooper to "click" on the ice cream tops to make it stay, but she does just fine holding her hands on it. Then she likes to share ice cream with us. I would really recommend this set if you are going to get one.

Birthday Cake set - This one is super cute! It comes with 4 slices of cake, sliverware, plates, and a candle that has a blow out candle. The songs for this set are nice, and my little one loves to sing along. You can also flip the cake to chocolate or vanilla. This one is also a big hit, and I recommend this set as well.

The table itself is great. I love the oven, although it is a little difficult to get it to line up correctly and close. My little one doesn't mind though and will bake a pizza or cookies any time. This table gets played with just about all day long. She has other toys she will play with, but this is certainly her favorite. Now, being 3 and sense this is in her room, she doesn't get to color at the table yet (I don't feel like her figuring out how to color on the walls.) but I'm sure the time will come for that.

The little stove top is cute, and she likes how she can cook like mommy does at it. It makes a few sound and different phrases.
We did have one major thing today. My little one decided to take her cup and tip it upside down over the orange tray ... and it is not playing anything right now. I'm not sure how much water actually got in there, but I've got it sitting on it's side right now to try to dry it and we will see if it plays again. She will be very sad if she can't sing the clean up song while she is cleaning her room anymore. If it doesn't dry on it's own, I'll try taking the battery cover off and drying it out that way. I'll update if that works or not ... i hope it does.

update - Yes, it was fried. So any water getting into the speaker area will fry it. You would think it would be a little more waterproof considering how kids this age think ("Oh its a kitchen, let me put some water here.") But we pulled out the spare and are back singing lol. Just make sure your little one knows no drinks on the table.

Overall - a Great toy. This should provide hours of entertainment for your little one. I would definitely buy it again.

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