Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Doublju Mens Casual Shoulder Strap Shirts Review

Finest quality and value cotton & spandex slim fit shirt. Shoulder strap, breast pocket. Double cuff buttons. Size on the garment tag reflects Asian sizes.

Great slim-fit shirt
I have several of these shirts now, and they look and fit great. As a fairly slim guy (~58kg/1.8m), it's rather difficult for me to find (non-tailored) shirts that fit me properly. I usually wear US sizes small or medium (depending on the fit and the brand), and the "Large/US Medium" size of this shirt (and a number of other Korean brands) fits me quite well. Among US brands, the only sub-$100 (USD) shirts that I can think of that fit me this well are the Express "Extra Slim" fit 1MX shirts. However, if you have a more muscular or otherwise larger build, as other reviewers have mentioned, this is probably not the shirt for you.

These are casual shirts that look best untucked, and either A) with the collar unbuttoned, or B) with a slim tie. The tails aren't long enough to tuck in, standard-sized ties look too fat for this shirt, and buttoning the collar without a tie just somehow looks off; all just my opinion, of course, YMMV. Also looks good with the sleeves rolled back. If you're planning on wearing this to work, it would probably be appropriate for a business-casual dress code (although it varies by company; some definitions of business-casual don't allow for untucked shirts).

The quality of the stitching on these shirts isn't anything astonishing, and I've had some detached buttons and loose threads after a couple years of use; but the overall quality is about as good or better than something you should expect from this price range.

My only other advice is to maybe check the brand's website to compare item prices and shipping costs; sometimes they differ from the prices on Amazon (I've seen them both higher and lower).

Looks and Feels Great!
I'm a skinny guy (5'8"--- 135 lbs), so finding shirts that really fit can be a challenge. For this reason, I was EXTREMELY hesitant about buying a shirt that I hadn't tried on first...but I finally just decided to give it a shot. I ordered a "medium" (US Small) and am extremely pleased with the fit of this shirt! It really does fit just right...not too tight anywhere, not too loose anywhere and looks fantastic. It's 97% cotton and 3% spandex, which is nice...seems like someone really put some solid effort into the quality/design of these shirts. I will be ordering more!

P.S. My order arrived MUCH faster than the original estimated time frame. I placed my order on 10/9, which gave me an estimated delivery date between 11/2 - 11/27. The package arrived on 10/13.

What a great buy
This shirt looks expensive and it feels great. It is created for the guy who like fitted clothing. The price is great too and it ships really fast. The asian size measurements are different from the U.S. sizes. If you wear U.S. small size and you are slender to medium build, I suggest you go one size up to U.S. medium size or (Large / US medium). If you wear U.S. small and you are have a bigger chest and muscular, I suggest you up two sizes from (Medium/US Small) to (XLarge/US Large). So go up one size up if you slender and two sizes up if you are muscular or have bigger chest and arms. Thank you I love this and will tell my friends about this great company.

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