Friday, 21 December 2012

VTech InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet - White Review

Take learning to the next level with the InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet by VTech! This multi-media tablet combines interactive reading, learning games, creative activities, and a rich collection of applications into a sleek and durable educational toy that kids will want to play with. Featuring a 5" color touch screen and tilt-sensor, kids can tap, flick, drag, and pat their way to learning fun. The fun continues with many on-board applications such as an MP3 Player, Video Player, Art Studio, Friends List, Calculator, and Clock engaging kids for hours as they develop their skills with this electronic learning toy. Additional cartridges with favorite licensed characters are sold separately and teach essential skills in reading, logic, and creativity. Additional content such as e-books and learning games can easily be uploaded to the InnoTab 2 through VTech's Learning Lodge Navigator where parents can also see their child's progress on a variety of educational milestones and lessons. Additional content may require an SD memory card (not included).

Product Features

  • Built-in digital photo/video camera fully rotates to take images and videos of others or yourself
  • 2 GB onboard memory with SD card slot expandable up to 16 GB of memory (SD card not included)
  • 5" color touch screen and tilt sensor
  • Camera, video camera, photo viewer, video player, MP3 music player, e-reader, art studio, games, and microphone
  • Can personalize the InnoTab 2 for up to four users with photo wallpaper, user name and avatar, a voice greeting and typed greeting
Even my 2yr old won't let go of it anymore
The new Innotab 2 came in this week and my kids won't let go of it anymore!

Unlike the description above you can add up to a 32GB memory card. With plenty of apps you can download from v-tech (e.g. learn to write by tracing letters etc.) there's absolutely nothing a kid can't learn.

My 2yr old enjoys the storybooks while my 5yr old goes through a whole bunch of games. It's not games like on a Playstation or so. So far to my knowledge there are no action games available - it's meant for learning!

My children had the Innotab 1 prior to this. And although they were playing quite rough with it at times it's still in great shape (I would recommend a screen protector though). The only bad thing I can say about it so far - one load of batteries only lasts about 6 hrs. So rechargables (unfortunately it won't accept all brands) or the wall adapter are nice to have.

Compared to the Leapfrog I prefer the Innotab since you can insert a memory card and load up your own movies from DVD's. Just copy and install.

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