Wednesday, 4 September 2013

2013 Utah Sportsmans Deer Official GrossScore 239" GIANT

I wanted to put up a handful of images of the fascinating time I was able to share with Zach Mikesell who experienced the 2013 Utah Sportsmans Deer Tag for Utah.  Zach desired to do this hunt un-guided and with household and friends aiding him, Zach requested me to be a component of this expertise by filming the scouting and hunt together with using images.  Zach spent twenty times scouting down on the Henry Mountains of Utah from July to the stop of August.  Here is proof that pre-time scouting pays off!!

Remaining Aspect:                         Posturepro             Correct Aspect:

Primary Beam: 27 four/eight"                               Principal Beam: 27 7/8"

G1: 2 two/eight"                                              G1: 3 1/eight"

G2: 16 5/8"                                            G2: fourteen two/8"  

G3: thirteen five/eight"                                            G3: twelve"

G4: fourteen 3/8"                                            G4: thirteen 2/8"

Mass 1: five seven/eight"                                        Mass 1: 6 3/eight"

Mass 2: five 2/8"                                        Mass two: five 1/8"

Mass three: five four/eight"                                        Mass three: 5 three/8"

Mass four 5"                                               Mass four: 5"

Overall: 96"                                             Total: 92 three/eight"

Inside Spread: 23 1/eight"

Major Body Score: 211 1/2"

Left Aspect Extra's                Right Side Extra's

Inline: seven"                                               Inline: seven 5/8"

Cheater: three"                                           Cheater: 4 seven/eight"   

Cheater: 2"                                           Cheater: one four/8"

Overall: twelve"                                           Cheater: one 4/eight"

                                                            Complete: 15.five"

Complete Gross Rating: 239"

The Tale and more pictures, the pre year scouting, on the hoof footage, the stalk and the 75/Garden kill shot all on video clip!! 
Keep Tuned.....

Many thanks for sharing your Obsession's!!

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