Friday, 14 December 2012

My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope Review

With the My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope, young scientists ages nine and up can examine slides and small objects, such as plants, coins, and insects. The Duo-Scope is a real scientific microscope that can spark a child's imagination and curiosity about the world. The Duo-Scope features Dual LED illumination for compound or stereo viewing, three levels of magnification, and laboratory accessories. It is battery powered, allowing for portability and use in the field.

Product Features

  • Features 40x, 100x & 400x magnifications
  • Real Glass Optics
  • 6 hole disk diaphragm
  • Battery Operated
  • Extensive, 50 pc accessory kit
He Will Grow Up to Be A Scientist!
Cool microscope! It is exactly as it is listed. My husband and I bought it for our 9 year old grandson. We started looking at things around the house under the microscope, just for fun, and wondered if we should keep it for ourselves! It's really interesting to see things that magnified.

A big shout out to AMAZON - the first microscope was delivered smelling badly of mold and mildew. I contacted AMAZON customer service and they resolved the problem immediately. They shipped a new one that day and emailed me a postage paid return label. I took the box to UPS, they gave me a receipt, the return couldn't have been easier. And, AMZON fast tracked the second delivery and I got the replacement microscope in less than 48 hours after I called them. Excellent customer service!! I do all my shopping on-line with AMAZON - always.

Great first microscope
I ordered this for my ten y/o niece's birthday a month ago. I didn't want to pay a fortune, but I wanted it to be something that would be useful and would really hold her interest. She has been fascinated and delighted with it. The microscope is set up in her room and I'm told she uses it daily. Her examination of various items has prompted her to "google" and find out more about the things she has viewed. The microscope has a light and enough magnification to REALLY see a difference between the image in the microscope and what one can see with the naked eye. If you have a budding scientist, I highly recommend this microscope.

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