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Steve Madden Women's Fabble Boot Review

Steve Madden, the company, was founded by Steve Madden, the man, in 1990 in Brooklyn, where he started out making trend-advancing shoes one pair at a time. It was not long after that the Steve Madden focus on "now-ness" earned rave reviews from young female fans mad for the funky, chic, and yet competitively priced footwear it produced. The company popularized the "dressy sneaker," and continues to man the forefront of trends.

loving my boots! 
I am very happy with my early Christmas present to myself. These boots are fantastic and very comfortable. They are kinda rugged which I like and I love grey colour of them. I wasn't sure I was going to love the little blue circle at the front but it is growing on me and think this is a great a few weeks have passed and I still LOVE my boots but I wanted to let you buyers out there know that bottoms of these boots are no good on the snow. I live in Alaska and I am constantly slipping around. I think I need to invest in some sort of grip for the bottom. All in all, still a great well made boot...just not for snow :)

BEEYEWTEEFUL boot, but.....,
These boots are gorgeous. Top quality leather, design and looks. love 'em LOVE 'em....BUT, beware! Apparently they run just a "tad" way too small. On the norm, I wear a nine to nine and a half. I ordered the 9.5 and almost cried when I tried them on. WAY too small...But never fear, I turned around before I hit the return option and ordered a size golly if they don't fit, we're heading for a size 11! THAT ladies, is how nice these boots are!!
RECOMMENDATIONs: order one size UP
OK, size the HALF size up worked fine. I opened the box and tried them on right there on the front porch. YAY perfect fit.
*NOW* there is ONE more thing, these are made in Mexico. I bought a pair of boots in Nuevo Laredo years ago and they are NOT the most comfy. It's just how they're made.
RECOMMENDATION? You can replace the insole with something more comfy =) ENJOY!

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