Thursday, 10 January 2013

MBT Women's Tenga Tall Shaft Boot Review

This unique Tenga boot from MBT, with its clean leather upper, is on the leading edge of fashion--and will give you a great core workout even when you're just standing there looking fabulous.

Product Description

Look great and feel great with the unique styling of the MBT Tenga. This women's ankle boot features a breathable full-grain leather upper. The antimicrobial Dry&Cool mesh and foam insole allows for breathability and assists moisture management. A TPU and glass fiber shank adds firmness to sole construction and ensures a natural rolling movement of the foot for even weight distribution. This MBT boot also has a rubber outsole made of 20 different compounds to provide the perfect blend of grip and durability. Change up your style while staying in shape with the MBT Tenga.

Having serious problems with plantar fasciitis is not very fun when I need to shop for shoes. I cannot wear any shoes. They must be comfortable and the insoles must be removable to be replaced with my own custom orthotics. These boots are really comfortable. I can walk miles. I highly recommend these boots if you look for comfort.
BTW, the fit is great. These boots stretch to accommodate my big calves.

She loves them
My wife has had back problems for years and also suffers from plantar fasciitis, the only shoes she wears are the MBTs. She has a few pairs from tennis shoes to walkers, this year she was wanting something dressy to wear out and since I've bought every pair for her, I went to work. Knowing she loves the look of boots I started my search there and found that MBT actually made boots too, so that was a score. She opened the box and lost it, she absolutely loves these boots, they ran true to size and she is just so happy that I found them. She's worn them several times in the past week, I think she actully tries to find excuses to dress up now, just so she can show them off, lol.

have a pr. in black, too. these boots are better than barefoot! I now have 6 pairs of mbt & wear them constantly. even to church. big difference in leg muscles & posture. I am 63 & feeling 40, with these shoes.

Tall but easy on-easy off
I have a love/hate relationship with MBT. I find them incredibly ugly but also incredibly comfortable for walking with my long-ago-injured and now arthritic big toe. I got these as an after thought in case it snowed in Ohio where I was going for Thanksgiving. I really like them (especially after I couldn't get my foot in the short bootie reviewed above (Bomoa.)) Although they are tall, they zip easily and the zip curves slightly forward at the bottom in a way that really does make them slip-on. I will say that they are snug around the calf and my calf is pretty slim. I am guessing the elastic gusset relaxes a little with use for larger calves.

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